The Rhododendron Garden Nursery
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The Rhododendron Garden Nursery in Federal Way is a seven-acre nursery where thousands of choice rhododendrons, azaleas, hydrangeas, and Japanese maples are grown on site and displayed in a woodland park-like setting. We offer friendly knowledgeable help for choosing and placement of our many varieties.

Drop in during the blooming season to get the best idea how great the plants look. The rhody gallery will give you a feel for the beauty and variety of what we carry. The rhododendron list will help you decide when to visit.

While the biggest part of our business is rhododendrons, we also carry azaleas, Japanese maples, twenty plus hydrangea hybrids, trilliums, begonias, hostas, kalmia (mountain laurel), and hanging baskets depending on the time of year.

Thousands of Plants

Hundreds of Varieties

In a Natural Setting

Hydrangeas Azaleas
Japanese Maples
Kalmias Hostas
and more...
Rhododendron Garden Nursery Green House
1405 South 364th Way Federal Way, Washington 98003
Open Wednesday-Sunday 10:30-5:00 March-October
Winter Hours 10:30-4:00dividerNovember-FebruarydividerBy Appointment Only


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The Rhododendron Garden Nursery Dianne Bell, Owner