Hydrangeas at the Rhododendron Garden Nursery


Three Hydrangeas

hillsideOver 20 varieties of hydrangeas are grown at the nursery to provide amazing summer color. Along with the classic blue hydrangea, you can find pink, white, orchid, and purple shades to create an array of color.

For small spaces there are miniature and low growing varieties.  For large properties and woodland settings, large growers are perfect.

Visit our hydrangea test garden in July for viewing and growing information.

Rhododendrons with hydrangeas provide the perfect combination for spring and summer bloom.

Here is a selection representing the typical color range of various Hydrangeas.


Top photo: Merritt’s Supreme, Wayne’s white, Glowing Embers
Side Photo: Amethyst
Row 1: Oakleaf Snowflake , dwarf lacecap, Libelle
Row 2: low growing blue, All Summer Beauty, Blue Danube
Row 3: Gertrude Glahn , Blaumeise, Rotdrossel
Row 4: low growing pink, Stella, Harlequin
Row 5: Ayesha , Pink Beauty, Wayne’s White