Hydrangeas at the Rhododendron Garden Nursery

More Companion Plants

Azalea A R Gem
Nothing beats the bold bright colors of sun loving deciduous azaleas. Shades of gold, yellow, orange flowers appear in May. Many are fragrant.candouble

Kalmia Kerbell
Long on charm and desirability, sun loving kalmias (mountain laurel) bloom in late May and June. We carry the miniature varieties.

In addition to ferns and hostas, we grow native Pacific Northwest trillium from seed. They are perfect for the woodland garden.

Bloodroot Multiplex
A very special plant is Sanquinaria (Bloodroot). We carry the double flower form (Sanguinaria Canadensis-multiplex) which has beautiful leaves and a charming double flower which hangs on longer than the single flower version.

A Native Azalea
On the wild side, beside trillium and bloodroot, there is the very fragrant R. occidental, the Pacific Coast native azalea. We carry special selections from the Smith Mossman collection.

hostas fern basket

Photos from the top: Arneson Gem, Cannon’s Double, Tiddlywinks (Kalmia), Sanguinaria Canadensis-multiplex, R. occidentale, various hostas, and Himalayan Maidenhair (fern) 

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The Rhododendron Garden Nursery, Dianne Bell, Owner